Seriously, though, a certain amount of stress is inherent in nearly all work, including the sort that we most enjoy. Up to a point, it is a productivity and quality enhancer. Beyond that point, which varies from person to person, productivity and quality fall over the top of the curve and begin a downward slide. Keep in mind that stress is additive, meaning that stress at home, stress due to finances, stress due to illness and stress due to relationship difficulties all add into the stresses we experience at work. All are associated with a common pathway for the expression of stress, generally referred to as the fight or flight reaction. It’s also worth keeping in mind that when a person says that this or that “is driving me crazy” they may be literally correct. Some people have a stress threshold beyond which they may experience psychotic manifestations.

That said, the manifestations of stress can be minimized by avoiding stimulants such as caffeine and decongestants as much as possible. When and where appropriate, a bit of exercise on breaks can be surprisingly helpful. Some people find various meditation techniques helpful in stress reduction. CBD oil may prove beneficial as well…time will tell. When possible, avoiding the hassles of rush hour by rescheduling one’s life an hour one way or the other can provide some welcome relief. Above all, do not fall into the trap of taking nerve pills, especially benzodiazepines like Valium, Xanax, Librium, Ativan, etc. Taking such shortcuts is a common pathway toward enslavement to such drugs and you will effectively be working (and driving) while inebriated. Every one of these agents is an amnesic pharmaceutical, a fact to keep front and center in this era of escalating dementia statistics.